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Reminder: Up-to-date name servers 2021-08-07

Name servers are updated automatically for domain names that are in our forwarding. If your domain name is in our care, then you don't have to worry about the name servers of your domain name.

If you use an external intermediary with domain names (the domain is not under our control and invoicing), then you should ensure that the domain name servers are up-to-date.

Up-to-date name servers are:

the so-to-be of the same as '
the so-to-be of the same as '
the so-for-like 13th President of the
the so-to-be of the same as '

Over the years, we have also used other name servers, the use of which has been completely abandoned. Current templates terminal name servers became available for new services in 2015. Old,000 end-of-life name servers have been completely abandoned one server at a time between 2015 and 2017 due to transfers and updates. Name servers so-called and the was added in 2020. All updates have been communicated at the address.

However, old and incorrect name servers or settings may work indefinitely after changes. However, incorrect settings may stop working without prior warning at any time. Incorrect name servers that are set up for a domain name can lead to domain inactivity or other glitging in domain functionality.

If your domain name is not in our forwarding, please check that your domain names use the name servers manned above. You can update the name servers through your domain broker.

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