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Operating time


Use this page to track the status of our servers. In this way, you can be sure that any connection problems are actually caused by the server and not, for example, by a connection failure, and you can also submit a notification of complete inaction if necessary.

If there is a disruption in our service, the customer has the opportunity to receive a refund. The compensation is granted in accordance with our terms and conditions or in a manner agreed separately with the customer. Compensation may only be granted against a complaint in accordance with the terms of the contract.

The status of the servers is checked by a third-party tracking system (Up Down IO). The scan is performed using a connection method (HTTP) used by web browsers.

Unfortunately, although we are aiming for 100 % usability, this is not always entirely possible. The Internet is a constantly changing environment and the service always changes partly with it. There are a number of potential causes of problems caused by third parties that we have no control over but that may affect the operation of the service. These include network failures, hardware problems, software failures, viruses, malware, daily security updates, and disrupting users.

Server status
If the status is in red (problem), then we have received an automatic notification of the problem and are currently working on it.

Proofing tool

Use this form to test the functionality of the address you provide in the Lynx browser from an external server. You can use this tool to check the operation of a single domain and to determine the compatibility of the Lynx browser to a limited extent. This tool is not intended to be a comprehensive testing tool, but an external test to clarify problem situations.

Enter domain as domaini.tld

You can also test the functionality the address.

Disturbance report (24/7)

The disturbance report is only intended to report a disturbance in our service. The disturbance notification goes directly to the emergency department past the customer service.

The investigation of the disturbance will start 24 hours a day in less than an hour after the customer's notification arrives. The IP address is passed in connection with the notification to verify the network connection.

Disturbance reports are not answered and are not contacted based on them!

If you would like to be contacted, please use the forms at: service.

Disturbance notification form
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