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C3 server glitch [fixed] 2022-06-27

[01:47] The disk system has now been resolved and the file system errors fixed. Server operation has returned to normal.

[24:00] The disk system continues to give error messages, so we troubleshoot the disk system to guarantee the integrity of the disk system. To do this, the server is booted into safe mode, which causes an outage. We expect the outage to be no longer than an hour. We apologize for the inconvenience.

[15:30] Hardware troubleshooting has now been completed and the server has been restored to operation. The calculated time for troubleshooting the disk system was several hours, so we move it to happen at night time. We are following the situation closely.

[15:20] Due to persistent disk errors, we have restarted the server to troubleshoot the hardware. The disk system can become corrupt if there is a hardware failure and the server is allowed to continue working. We are currently working on a hardware troubleshooter, and once it's complete, we're running a disk system troubleshooter. We apologize for any inconvenience.

[14:50] The server has started, but the disk system is returning errors. The problem is still being investigated.

[14:30] The server is not responding to calls and the reboot has not yielded a result. The installer was sent to the server to check the situation.

[14:12] A glitch has been detected on the C3 server and is currently being investigated.

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