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New features and changes to cPanel 2023-03-11


We are gradually rolling out the AccelerateWP plugin, which will automatically activate and install basic optimization and caching for all Wordpress installations that do not already have some caching installed. AccelerateWP is based on the paid WP Rocket add-on, which is very well supported and used by over a million sites. Wordpress pages are automatically accelerated in all packages without the customer having to do anything. The basic version of AccelerateWP is free of charge for all our customers!

AccelerateWP will also offer paid features in the AccelerateWP Premium version, including (object cache, image optimization, CDN and much more). We will be offering AccelerateWP Premium at an affordable price to our customers. However, the basic version will always be free of charge for our customers!

AccelerateWP will be activated on a server-by-server basis and will be operational by 30.06.2023 for all web hosting servers. The PHP X-Ray feature for optimizing PHP applications will also be activated. AccelerateWP has already been deployed on the first servers this weekend.


cPanel dashboard changes

cPanel has been bringing an accelerating pace of updates and changes to the layout and content.

cPanel is designed to make the control panel more user-friendly, reliable, straightforward and efficient. To make these changes, cPanel will remove obsolete features and make existing features more straightforward. The look and feel of the control panel has already undergone and will continue to undergo significant changes.

The changes will take effect at different times for different servers. The listed changes will take effect for all servers by 30.06.2023 at the latest and for some servers the changes have already taken effect early this year.

The main changes to cPanel are as follows:

- Appearance theme will change from Paper Lantern theme to Jupiter theme.
- Domains (Domains/Aliases) will only be listed under Domains and not under the separate Addon Domains and Aliases pages.
- Horde Webmail will be removed, from which the data will be automatically transferred to the RoundCube Webmail application, which will be the only webmail supported from the cPanel side (however, the customer is free to install webmail applications).
- Calendar sharing with CalDAV will not work after the updates. CalDAV has not been an officially supported feature although it has worked on some servers. CalDAV and CardDAV are officially supported only in Enterprise packages.
- Some outdated, non-functional and incompatible icons/pages will be removed from cPanel as unaffected.
- The main language of cPanel will be English only. Some servers will continue to provide a partial English translation. A comprehensive translation will be available on all servers once a reliable and high quality translation is available on the cPanel side.

We understand that not all changes will be to the liking of all users, but we see that the changes made by cPanel are necessary and important in the long run. Our customer service team will help, as they do with any problems caused by the changes.

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